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In the time of high buildings, the Owners and Managers must have a more effective management method for Business. Understanding that, Salink Vietnam has developed Property Management System Solutions (PMSS) with consulting services and providing the building management software.

What’s PMSS?

Currently, depending on the scale, type, size, and customer’s request… PMSS built independent operating systems for each project. Customers will be transferred to the entire platform as well as control rights, confidentiality commitment absolutely.

What are the features of PMSS?

  • The management system of building
  • Human resources management, services, finance.
  • Manage the technical situation of the building, maintenance and repair plans in detail and accuracy.
  • Administrative records management.
  • Financial management, calculate fees and financial report.
  • Combined with the general environment available of Salink ecosystem – Utility application and connect community.

The above features are always optimized for the most comprehensive and effective management.


Benefits of using PMSS?

PMSS provides comprehensive technology to help Management Board effectively and fully manage in many aspects:

  • All building data is stored and managed on the system: Management and staff can share quickly and safely.
  • The charge automatic completed for thousands of apartments in minutes to send to customers.
  • Automated reminders for warranty, periodic maintenance of technical systems for the building.
  • Connect community by App Salink’s modern and smart features: Communication portal between residents and the Management Board; receive notification of fees and online payments. Register to use local utilities, easily search or post news of buying, selling and renting real estate for free.

PMSS with a friendly interface, simple, easy to use and designed according to all building models, to support the demands of the Management Board. Thereby, the building management becomes easier, most convenient and faster to connect than ever thanks to the PMSS building management software.