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Unless you’re an industry insider, certainly not know, what’s the Real Estate Management Technology Solution (PMSS)? What benefits does it bring to business owners and investors? Is it really easy to manage the overall operation of a professional process, save time, increase management efficiency? What is real estate management software? This article will bring the fastest answer.


PMSS includes consulting services for managing and operating people and providing management system solutions by operating technology suitable for various types and projects of real estate. The Investor will be consulted for free on standard operation management suitable before applying PMSS solution. PMSS built and developed from ERP platform has been put into practice. Help digitize processes and forms to simplify and professionalize Real Estate operation management services.


PMSS Solution delivers:

Customer & services management

The regular activities of every business, especially for the management and operation of Real Estate. Maintaining customer satisfaction in a stable, safe and comfortable working and living environment is one of the measures of services as well as advantages for managers. Concurrently, personnel trained to combine with the automatic management of customer records and customer information of the software system will save time, effort and bring greater satisfaction to customers.

PMSS will perform tasks such as:

  • Performance management
  • Customer records management
  • Registration and demographic statistics
  • Service contractor management

Digitize of administration and processes management

The entire process of management, operation and Real Estate business will be digitized on the PMSS system. All departments implement software following a standard roadmap. Decentralized according to functions under the management of the respective management level. The manager will censor or make timely reviews, directives and reports on. In addition, the software also stores the activities, login history and usage history of each user.

High connectivity

PMSS resonates with the common environment of Salink ecosystem – Utility application and connect community. Help increase interaction and information connection. Customers can use the quick ordering of utility service in Salink, pay online service fees… thereby improving the value of the building owners.