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Customers contacting Savista to be introduced in detail about PMSS- technology solution as well as providing some qualitative information about the project so Savista can support advice in accordance with needs

Qualitative survey

Based on the requirements & information provided by customers, Savista's experts will conduct a survey at the project to advise on making plans, processes and HR, thereby giving quotation on PMSS services.

Quantitative survey

Based on the approved quotation, Savista experts will conduct detailed quantitative surveys at the project to assess the current status of management<br /> of processes, techniques, HR, forms ... to review and propose additional adjustments and work with customers.

Sign PMSS contract

After completing the report, assessing the current status of the project and agree on services, incurred if any. After that Savista and customers will sign a contract to supply & use Property Management System Solutions- PMSS.

Setup and guidance

Savista implements PMSS at the project as agreed. Set up the entire system, process, form, list of HR and techniques... suitable for the management and operation of the project, at the same time training and guiding people of the Management Board of the Investor to use PMSS.

Handover PMSS

After the set-up stage to complete the system, the process as well as completing training for Management Board at the project, Savista hand over the sole<br /> management right for customer. In the during time using system later, if there are any problems, there will be supported by customer support department from Savista.

* Contact directly with Savista’s experts for more detailed advice. Hotline: 0901 445 818.