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Apartments with utilities and reasonable cost are the best choice and favor trend in big cities. In the future of the population will gradually focus on the big cities and buildings will increase. With such a number of buildings, Businesses need a large number of people to manage and operate buildings. But, in the present much simpler, because Business applies technology solutions managed by software.

The strength of Salink Vietnam is inheriting the experience and operating system of over many years of professional real estate management activities. Applying technology in operation management of more than 40 office buildings, apartments, urban areas… so on, Salink Vietnam built  Property Management System Solutions PMSS with the purpose of simplicity and professionalize in working.

PMSS helps the Management Board to achieve desired standards, increasing the value of the Real estate. If business without using PMSS technology solution and still operating traditional, the management will be overloaded in the near future, due to the lack of connection and time-consuming administrative procedures.

PMSS will digitize data, procedures, connect residents and the Management Board. The features are built according to processes and standards suitable to types, sizes of projects and the requirements of the manager.

PMSS combined with Salink Application to help residents pay online fees; receive notices and exchange information quickly with the Management Board; quick access to local services… Thereby improving the brand value of Business.