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June 2020

Currently, the development of technology and creativity of humans has made the management of urban areas not difficult. The urban management solution has helped the management board and residents connect and exchange information quickly (via mobile app) much more effectively but to choose the urban areas management technology solution safe, effective is not easy. The development of technology and human creativity has made urban areas management not as difficult as before. Not only creates A true township is where its residents

Apartments with utilities and reasonable cost are the best choice and favor trend in big cities. In the future of the population will gradually focus on the big cities and buildings will increase. With such a number of buildings, Businesses need a large number of people to manage and operate buildings. But, in the present much simpler, because Business applies technology solutions managed by software. The strength of Salink Vietnam is inheriting the experience and operating system of over many years

Unless you're an industry insider, certainly not know, what's the Real Estate Management Technology Solution (PMSS)? What benefits does it bring to business owners and investors? Is it really easy to manage the overall operation of a professional process, save time, increase management efficiency? What is real estate management software? This article will bring the fastest answer.   PMSS includes consulting services for managing and operating people and providing management system solutions by operating technology suitable for various types and projects of